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Our Team

Exmark Transportation has a highly skilled team with 125 combined years experience in the transportation field. Each member of our staff has been chosen based on their ability to work efficiently for our customers, who have various needs that need to be met in as timely a fashion as possible. From our full time tracer, to our accounting dept, to our quoting and administration staff, each one is cross trained to service our customers daily transportation needs.

Hung Vuong


Garry Heinrichs

Vice President

(Kong) Cuong Vuong

Director of Operations

San Vuong

Operations Coordinator

Kelvin Liu

Accounts Manager

Son Vuong

Accounts Manager

Vincent Liu

Accounts Receivable/Payable Manager

Marianne Vuong


Justin Vuong

General Inquiries / Customer Service

Madison Anderson

General Inquiries / Customer Service

Exmark Transportation is a full service freight forwarding company, specializing in transportation through North America. We have been in business for over 22 years and handle thousands of freight transactions per year. With various modes of transportation to offer and various speeds of delivery time, there is a service that would be helpful to almost any company.